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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good idea for employment applicants

Many qualified persons who applied for a job failed during the interview. Yes I agree, I was a victim of several faults the first time I applied for a job. But then I learned the lessons. I was fortunate I was hired because of my qualifications not by the way I talk.

But there are many positions that competition is really so tight. When a position has several applicants having the same level of qualification, the employer usually looks for other means to choose the best. Under such circumstances your interview performance counts best.

Insidetech lists down nine (9) common messes during an interview of job applicants. These information was taken from responses of hundreds of employers with CareerBuilder's Survey on most common interview mistakes.

Following are those identified mistakes with the percentage of employers who noticed them:

  1. Yawning, or acting bored - 63%
  2. Not dressing appropriately - 61%
  3. Coming to the interview with no knowledge of the company - 58%
  4. Keeping cellular phones on - 50%
  5. Not asking good questions, when given the chance, during an interview - 49%
  6. Asking about pay before having the job - 38%
  7. Spamming employers with the same resume and cover letter - 21%
  8. Posting unprofessional photos/contents in Social Networking Pages, blogs, etc - 19%
  9. Not sending a Thank You note after the interview - 12%
I realized these mistakes would redound to the values of an individual. Our attitudes and actions are highly associated with how we are moulded spiritually and socially. For instance thanking or sending a thank you note is a simple gesture which sometimes is neglected, as I have mentioned in my previous post on appreciating.

Now you have them, perhaps you can make some corrections in your habits and even practice to avoid those pitfalls.

(Photo: taken from Insidetech)

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