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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Praying with the right attitude

The act of praying is not just a medium to ask something from God. It is a means to strengthen the bond between a child and a father.

If we believe that God is our creator and father it is necessary that the relationship is strong or else one will be alienated from the others. God has many ways of connecting to us. He connects through the lovely sites we see every morning, the air we breath, the strength of facing every problems no matter how small or big, the people we meet everyday, and through the thoughts in every moment of silence during our sleep. In turn, God wanted us to reach out to Him. That's the reason He allows problems and sufferings. He wants to talk to us everyday so that the bond becomes strong, so that we will be closer.

Prayers however is not a one way communication. God speaks to us when we pray. So, it is a good practice to humble yourself and take a moment of silence every time you pray to listen to His message. When we silently talk to God we let our inner thoughts flow to His divine ears. In return, to pause and listen silently, we give way to the message of God as He speaks to our spiritual ear.

The next time you pray, listen in spirit and you will hear God speaks to you.

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madz said...

When I pray, I talk to God, saying things as if we were the best of friends :D

Romy said...

Like Santino?! :)