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Monday, July 27, 2009

God gives more than material satisfaction

Saturday is religious and community day while Sunday is family day for us who works 5 days a week. But this weekend, we combine both for community and family.

On Saturday, the music ministry of our local church group, where we join, agreed to have a rehearsal and a sort of lunch fellowship before the practice. The group had to meet at 12:00 noon at a hall in a public school where the choir leader heads. I, my partner and our little boy, Edu, arrived at the site earlier. My daughters are out of town for their respective schools and my elder son has to be left home. We were supposed to bring our packed lunch but since we have nothing to prepare (kidding, but true, LOL. That's how impoverished we are) we went there empty handed. Well, I guess there's nothing to be ashamed at. My brothers and sisters in community understand our predicament. I am just an ordinary government worker who honestly earn for my services. And I have two children in college who are self-financed by me. I am really tight financially. But then I prayed somebody would help us for the next days before the payday arrives.

But the event was great. We enjoyed the fellowship, despite having no money at all. The food was even a surplus. And the spirit of love and camaraderie was rewarding. And what was more rewarding was that God granted our petition. An elder blood brother lent me some amount for next week's provision for my students. And there's more. When we arrive home brothers from my Christian support group came at the house to celebrate our weekend prayer meeting and Bible sharing. We shared messages and happy moments together.

Then Sunday came and we served as choir during the early mass. God didn't pour the rain despite the huge rain clouds just so we can attend the church service dry. We only have our uncovered motorcycle as our transportation means. Then in the afternoon God gave us a chance to share what was left of us when a needy knocked on our door asking for something to cook for his family because he has a broken arm and can't work for money. I gave a portion of the rice (our local staple) for him. I am happy despite my condition God gave me the chance to do well.

And that's what I called satisfaction beyond any material things can offer. What a blissful weekend!


Gus said...

God is so good that he showered his blessings even how small it is so that we become instrument of His blessings to others.

Carol said...

I sure enjoyed this post. I love the photo of the child, we need to see the good everyday, in hopes to be the best person. Material is short lived. Spiritual is forever. I pick the later.