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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Parable of the Open Field

A man can be likened to an open field.

At first, the field is barren without any grass nor useful plants. God made the fields clean. Then, God planted seeds on it while the devil also sowed seeds of its own. The owner of the field saw that there are good and there are bad crops, so he chooses to nurture what pleases him. In the process, he looks at the other nearby fields to see what has given more benefits to the owner. There are others who really try to focus on their own and made good.

The seeds that the devil planted grow easily and fast. So the field owners are tempted to nurture this seed. But the fruits of the devil's plants are short lived and have some negative effects on the eaters.

The seeds that God sows grow slowly and only those who are patient and persevering survived in rearing the trees. In the end it is God's plants that provide abundant fruits that never ends and the satisfaction is never ending.

Keep watch and be vigilant of the seeds that grow in your field.


madz said...

A very good parable about PATIENCE!

AMIT said...

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benbes said...

like they say, patience is the mother of all victories.
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