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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The power of prayers

Before I proceed deeper to my post I especially offer a short prayer for healing, to a person who once awaken my awareness about our democracy, President Corazon C. Aquino.

"Lord, we understand we would never live forever on earth. Our heroine, Madam Cory, has left us a lot of examples and inspiration already and we know she has done your well enough. But we ask for healing of her sickness if this is the work of the dark side so that she may enjoy the rest of her life with her family. But if this is the way to your kingdom, please Lord, end her suffering. Amen."

We are told that one of the most powerful armor a believer could have is prayer. But, do you agree that its powers are not limited to those who vow down to the Mighty One? Yes, I do! Prayer is an effective tool even to the unbelievers and the dark side. But what is the difference?

When I was still an atheist I used to meditate on something I desired: materials, events, and the likes, and they happen. One time I "prayed" for something to happen and it did happen. I wished some person to come and he came. The occurrence of these events I mentioned were not according to the normal patterns. It made me think that without my prayers these things could not actually had happened. People may say it was mere coincidence. Maybe, but what a coincidence!

By the time I was converted, prayers became as routine as breathing. But this time the effects are great. Prayers not only give me the courage to face great problems but also strength. It becomes a tool not only to ask for material and physical needs but growing in spirit as well.

Science explained the mechanics of prayer as drawing energies from the universe, whether positive or negative. An atheist or an unbeliever praying is like collecting this energies from the wild without the need to sort the positive from the negative. He can use them both. The believer asks the energies from a source, that is the Supreme One, and the energies received are pure. The flow rate of this energy depends on how wide is the persons spiritual pipeline. How strong is the faith. In the other side, the occultist and the likes draws energy from the negative source and use them for their own benefit. When the power of these energies collide, the greater energy prevails. That is why accidents, problems, and other negative things happen despite the prayers of the faithfuls.

If you would want to know further about the mechanisms of prayer you may freely search it through the net.

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