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Monday, July 6, 2009


I have become forgetful this later days and I am aware there are positive and negative consequences.

In the negative side, the most recent forgetting event that happened is just today. I forgotten to fetch my little boy from school. My son, who is currently in Kindergarten, is supposed to be out in the nearby Catechetical school by 11:00 AM. His mother who is in part-time business works regularly fetched him from school. But today she asked me to pick him up because she has important things to do. But came lunch time, my older son arrived at the office where we used to eat our lunch. That was the time I remembered the little boy. What follows was rush-rush-rush and there he was in the school gate standing alone and crying. Thanks God he is safe.

Now in the positive side, being forgetful is a good christian virtue when it comes to sin. The act of forgiving is an act of forgetting the misgiving of others. Yes, it is practical to think that to forgive is not totally blanking out the wickedness but to remember it and learn the lesson. Yet, total healing of relationships comes from blotting out every memory of sin. A broken friendship could not be reconciled totally if the record of errors made keep on showing up.

For us Christians, it is a great challenge to practice forgetfulness as we are told to do so by Christ himself. If we want this world to be in total peace, one of the greatest virtue is forgetfulness.

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The Redhead Riter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you stop by often!

Forgeting is such a two edge sword. You are right! It is terrible to forget to do the things that we need to do and it would be great if everyone would forgive us and forget the things that we do that are not so great.

Forgiveness is really not as hard as people make it. I think the reason that people don't forgive quickly or at all is because they are puffed up in their pride and they think they are better than we are...humph...I have news for the them...They are not any better than me! If they don't figure that out on Earth, I'm sure their Maker will help them figure it out after they leave this Earth.

Once again, from this country girl to my new blogger friend and country man, thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice compliments. Have a wonderful week!