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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Good Shepherd

I was sort of emotional last week when I came to a household prayer meeting with my small group and found out it was only me (and my wife) and the host couple attending the session. I felt sad and deeply concerned because as a servant it is my responsibility to gather the flock assigned to us. I was hesitant to open the worship, although it was already 8:00 in the evening one hour past our regular schedule of 7:00pm. My ego told me to cancel the meeting, but my wife was insistent I should compensate the efforts I made earlier just to attend the meeting. What seemed to be the problem? Is it me?

My group is a vibrant household group of 5 couples. We have a great fellowship with members strong in their faith and devotions. Each couple served their local church, aside from our own Christian community service, with strong dedication. I am sure my household group members are real practicing Christians both in words and works. No doubt, they have no problem. Could it be me?

I tried the one last move to contact every member, I called them by cellular phone. One was out of town, another was on a special family event, while one is unreachable. So I decided to proceed with the opening worship. And as I close my eyes and begun to sing praises, three voices joined me: my wife's and that of the host couple's. As my emotion rises with submission to God, a set of two new voices joined the chorus. My heart leaped for joy with tears clotting my eyelids as I felt the warm embrace of God and His whispers saying "Go on my son, I am with you even if you are alone. But if you need the company of other faithfuls, I will send my Angels to join you!" I almost stop singing by then, I could not even hit the right chords of the guitar. When I open my eyes, I saw another couple servant who came to join us, to make the session more lively despite the absence of others.

The meeting was a success and the fellowship ran until 11:00pm. The best thing I realized that night was that the Good Shepherd reassured me, there is no problem. Not with my members, not me. Sometimes there are just circumstances beyond physical control which would lead to the absence of a warm body. By faith is always there, as long as the shepherd does not fail.


madz said...

Oh, what a touching story. God really work in so many different ways that we would really be surprised and can't help but cry for joy.

Carol said...

Nice what a great story.

Tuppence Crafts said...

Oh, so are very blessed.