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Friday, October 16, 2009

The aftermath of a disaster

For so many times I told my children that a country like ours will always remain what we have been. Proof is, we have never become what we dreamed centuries back. This, despite having brilliant people, within our race in the field of arts, sciences, whichever.

I am touching on this particular issue as I have read part of the day's Gospel. It reads, "Woe to you lawyers, for you have taken away the key of knowledge: you yourselves have not entered in, and those that were entering in, you have hindered" (Luke 11:54). You may wonder what is the connections. It came into my little thinking that after all the people who laid the foundation for development or planned the track to prosperity in our country is not leading us there. I had been part of many government plannings and development sessions and I have noticed that unless the local leaders (particularly elected ones) would gain personal benefits from it (money, fame, and power alike) the support is superficial and worse, just a show.

Many times we asses our failures after a disaster. We begin to build solutions or preparations. But the programs, projects, and activities the government is implementing is not what is most cost effective and urgent, but what a local or national government leader can have.

During a recent forum on disasters from climate change, our resource person pointed out that our country could not change the fact that we are in the "Ring of Fire." What we can change is how we deal with the hazards of our location. Unless our leaders listen and act with patriotic and heroic sense, setting aside huge personal gains and interests, we will not be safe.

For this reason, a poor Filipino has no other ally by God.

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