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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prayers are not enough

There are certain situations in our lives when prayers are not enough to exercise our faith. There are times when we know the answer yet we still ask God for aide.

The case in point here is the recent calamity that happened in Manila (The Philippines capital) and nearby regions. Many of those affected were praying they would be spared from the calamity but they were not. Many prayed to be reached quickly during the height of flooding but were not. Many of those not affected even prayed: in churches, in homes, during mass offerings, and in whatever place they deem fit. Yet still, the damage is tremendous.

Devastation could have been prevented in the first place if we just listen to what God is telling us. Damages and cost of relief could have been used in more progressive ways if we just followed the Creator's warning. Why did I say so? Years or decades back there was already information from experts that these flooded area is really prune to such flooding because of its location. But the stakeholders, whoever they are, didn't care. Time again it is proven that negligence of God's will would cause us to suffer. And yet we pray God spare us!

Read this related story about discerning.

God had sent His answers long before these things happened. We should have responded with better urban planning and environmental management.

I agree, this is not a time of blaming. This is a time to learn our mistakes. We humans are really good at learning. Yet we repeat the same mistakes again and again and again.

Finally we salute every individuals who responded the call to help beyond prayers by sending financial, material, and other contributions for the victims of typhoon "Ondoy."

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Stuff could always be worse said...

great post, we should learn about discerning

chubskulit said...

Nakakaiyak panoorin mga vids sa youtube about the typhoon... nakakadurog ng puso..

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artbytomas said...

The challenging post. Prayer are not enough indeed. That's the essence of the prayer - our works of faith must follow the nice words.