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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A story had been told and retold about a religious family that lived on the bank of a river.

A flood came and when the house begun to submerge in the rising water the family prayed for God's help.

The neighbors came and told them they were leaving their homes and they too had to do the same. But they were confident God would spare them.

When the waters continued to rise they moved to the roof top and continued praying God for help.

The village officials came to rescue them with a rubber boat. But the father was insistent they are not leaving their only home and he was certain God would answer their prayers. And so the rescuers left them.

Then a sudden blow of turbulent water wiped them away and they were all dead.

In front of God, the family asked, "Lord, why did you not help us?"

Then God answered "I have. But you did not listen. I sent your neighbors. You neglected them. I sent you rubber boats. But you never cared."

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