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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Did you miss something?

We have been struggling for almost two months now without having water flowing in our faucets. I really find it hard to lose this valuable part of our daily living. Without water we can't have a bathe, we can't cook, we can't do a lot of stuffs in the home.

Under such circumstance I asked myself "How much more if God wouldn't be around in our homes?" Sadly though many people survived without having to call or think of God and even lived in even more comfortable lives than religious ones. But Jesus spoke of a place out of the current physical world that awaits those who believe in Him. We may not experience the comforts of the physical world but He promised us a Godly comfort in the next world. That is what Christian believers are fighting for. As believers, we should hold on to our faith until for having faith until death is the ultimate triumph of this race for true LIFE.

Going back to my predicament, the local water district informed me there must be something wrong with the distribution line and they need to check them. To lighten my load, I was glad a neighbor allowed us to get water from their own line. Reflecting again on this situation I felt really, in cases when others are down with their faith, a community is always there to bring you up to support you to remind you that God counts every believer a valuable asset of His Kingdom. And we faithfuls should not forget that.

"There is no such thing as a Lone Ranger Christian," I got it from a brother in faith. And I believe it, for a Christian life is meant to be lived as a community. When the "water" ceases to flow in my "faucet" I know there are "neighbors" who are willing to share. That is what Christian community should be.

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IamNoOne said...

Very inspirational. When you are in trouble, God always sends someone as a representative of Him to aid you.