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Friday, December 11, 2009

It's my birthday today

Wow! I just become one more year older today and there are lots of things to be grateful of.

On top of the list is the gift of life the Lord provided me and the leading of the Holy Spirit not just on me but my entire family. Second is the community that is made instrument by God for the nurturing of my spiritual gifts, especially in letting me understand my role as a child of God. Next is my family, both my own and my siblings, who always understand my shortcomings not just as a father but as a person as well. My friends who are there to support just like real blood brothers and sisters do. To all these, I thank God.

Well, birthdays are times not just for thanksgiving but for wishes too! It's my wish that God continues to sustain all these blessings he gave me. For me, that's enough and I would not ask for more of the materials. My ultimate wish is the sustenance and strengthening of my faith and for God to use me more in spreading the Good News.

I think this is enough a birthday post. If you ask me how old I am, I think age doesn't matter. God Bless You all too!

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IamNoOne said...
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IamNoOne said...

That were really blessings to thank for. Wish you happy days and good health.

eden said...

belated happy birthday. wish you more b-days to come. God bless always