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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Speaking in tounges

'A man filled with the Spirit will speak the language of the Spirit.' For so many times I heard these words and I recalled them as I read today's Gospel a portion of which says, "Now these signs will accompany those who believe... They will speak in new languages..." (Mark 16:17).

Bible scholars believed speaking in new languages literally means speaking a kind of language or dialect foreign to the one speaking it, that even the one who spoke them could not understand its meaning. Other believers are also gifted by the Spirit to interpret those language spoken without any prior formal education. Early Christian communities and even charismatic groups today accept the facts presented as real and true. The Bible itself has supporting verses that corroborates the interpretation.

I personally experienced speaking in tongues; uttering words i could not understand. They usually occur to me when speaking words of praise and worship. The experience makes me feel closer to God. This is because praising in tongue is praising God by the language of Heaven. I believe, by that moment my Spirit is connecting to heaven in complete harmony with God in the words They both understand.

Many, however, question the phenomenon and consider them as works of the devil. Whatever is their logic I stand to support my understanding because I myself can attest to my experience that there is no devilish acts in it.

The gift of tongue is not for human satisfaction, it is for God's. God gave us wisdom for His works of spreading His love for mankind. He gave us the power to speak the language of heaven for His delight.

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