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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Days or Holy Week?

It is really fulfilling to be abreast of times. My blog has also been silent awhile but I believed the message of the latest post is due for the season.

Just one more thing, I wish we'd never celebrate "The Passion" again the traditional way. For me it is not the time for mourning but rejoicing. We are encouraged to reflect on our sins daily and that should make the "Holy Week" insignificant. Christ redeeming takes not just a week. When God sanctifies every days of our lives, thus we make everyday a Holy Day to make good and Godly works.

When I was still with the world, I was made to believe that Christian life is full of sacrifices. Many in the community are still tied with such notion. Christ promised His "yoke is easy and the burden is light."

If this promise is a lie then there's no use in following Christ. We must understand that we are prepared to take our own cross but that load is not as hard as we think. Why? because Jesus had carried the heaviest load.

If we haven't experienced what Jesus promised, it is time we reconsider our relationship to Him. Make it not just a show but a real one. And if we have gained His rewards here in Earth, we should understand that the summit is yet to come. This would come in His own appointed time.

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