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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lifestyle change

Changing the way of life we had been used to is not a simple task. It requires dedication and willpower.

Physically speaking, today's lifestyle is the main contributors to many illnesses. In fact this leads to the birth of the term "lifestyle diseases." Your health conditions show how you treat your life: the way you eat, work, play, and everything. To combat this is changing lifestyle for the better.

Despite lifestyle shift being a hard thing it becomes easy when you have to choose between life and death. Many people say its hard to quit smoking, but studies show majority if not all do when lung cancer and related diseases strike.

I have been diagnosed recently of having hypertension and required to take maintenance medicine. But lifestyle change is what the doctor said as the best maintenance if not cure. Well, I have to do it or else I have to bear the consequences. The best choice of course is "no other choice."

There is one greater lifestyle change, however, that is most beneficial not only physically but spiritually. That is changing the life of sinfulness to righteousness. Living in sin leads to death and life in Jesus Christ is everlasting. We have no other choice.

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