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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Being watchful

Many believers have stories to share about becoming lukewarm in their Christian service. Worst, some share having doubts and become weak in faith and gave way to the ways of evil. Much more also, though having faith, are complacent in their practice ass followers of Christ. But what if during this time of negligence Jesus would come? What's gonna happen to us? Matthew 25:13 says, "you must be vigilant, because you do not know the day or the hour."

As I arrived home from office one day, I found the main door widely opened. I was bit worried as I knew my wife and the kids are still out. Who could have opened the door? I rushed to check if some things are missing. Gladly I found nothing was lost or stolen. I checked the bedrooms and found our Master's Bedroom locked. I always leave without locking that room, my wife don't lock the room either. I sensed some danger. If some burglar was still inside he might assault me. After careful inspection I realized no one was inside.

That incident made me decide to put some extra effort to cover some unfinished walls of the kitchen. At least this would prevent those with bad intentions to be tempted to sneak in. But I also felt and whispered to God. "If bad elements would really want to do bad, I know Lord this walls are not enough to protect my house. So I still trust You will protect us Lord."

The experience made me understand that becoming watchful is not only being prepared all the time but also to correct every errors and sins we have and cover our sinfulness with the cloak of righteousness so that we maybe worthy to meet Him when He comes.

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