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Sunday, August 3, 2008

17th Year of Faith

Today the pious community of the Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life in the island Province of Biliran, in the heart of the Philippines celebrated its 17th year in existence. CFC FFL is an evangelistic society anchored in a vision of "families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth."

The community has had its ups and downs and several crisis along its way of proclaiming the gospels But as a member for just about 4 years, I stood proud that it had shared its own little ways in leading back some lost sheep, and I admit I am one of those whom this group had shown the way.

I was an atheist for 15 years who believed I am God within myself. In those days, I could stand and challenge anyone from the Christian faith that I could prove there is no God! Never did I realized that I created a challenge upon Jesus himself. But who am I to triumph over the majesty of the supreme God. Despite my human weakness he did not send his judgment upon me. He did not hit me with a thunder. Instead he loved me, and he sent His angels upon me and lead me back to his flock. As this year being proclaimed a Pauline year, I came to realize I was another Saul who persecuted God, but the Lord hit me with His Light and showed me back the way. And I thank God for His mercy through the Couples for Christ.

As the 18th year unfolds upon our community we struggle to stand with Joy for the sake of the people who need God's mercy and salvation. A lot of Christians today still needs the real relationship with God, and CFC FFL is tasked to touch their lives just as I was once been touched.


Soyun Park said...

"A lot of Christians today still needs the real relationship with God" Yes, I truly agree. Sometimes I wonder "He is really here with me? Then, why does He let so mamy bad things happen to me?" I still don't know. But, I believe He is here with me even if I don't feel Him because that is Faith..
Good bless your foundation.


Anonymous said...

please stop deceiving,u just only celebrate 1 yr of anniversary FFL,u r not CFC anymore,please use your conscience,please researched if you are conscious,the God of truth is the God of justice..

Anonymous said...

Why is it that CFC FFL is saying that they already reach its 17 years of proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord? What a hypocrisy?

Romy said...

My apology to my brothers and sisters in the CFC Global. Much as we respect and we love everyone having Faith in the mighty name of Jesus, we want to touch your heart in saying that our faith has never been reset since we joined the group. Whatever your reasons in calling this a hypocrisy, may God forgive you, what we know is that nothing has changed in our desire to serve God not even the name CFC only God knows.

Anonymous said...

romy...there is no question on your (plural) desire to serve God. But you are missing this point when Jesus himself said: 'Give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and to God what belongs to God". Simple explanation is we still need to obey local laws otherwise all of us will proclaim that I am sent to God and do things which we think is right. And the others will also do things which they think are right. I believe this is what you call "confusion" or "chaos". right?
God bless. RAC

Anonymous said...

i also ask for forgiveness of those who are not yet leaning the truth,may God someday blessed you...

WillyJ said...

bro romy,
The Bible says:"The angels rejoice when one soul
comes to the Lord"
Truly, conversion stories are very uplifting, and as a fellow traveller on the same pilgrimage of faith, let me welcome you on the road.
God bless!

Anonymous said...

please see the website whoever wants to know the truth and to those who claim there's no confusion in the membership.i would to say that there is no split but rather separation..