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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Situational ethics

I was about to write today about situational ethics when I read the comments of Jenny Fletcher on my other post a home needs a woman. Thank you Jen for giving me an idea and reminding me of something very important. (Please read the post and Jenny's comments for guidance).

The final line of Jenny's comments read "Believe and live as you wish, but let others do the same without persecution - please." This is not the way of a Christian, especially to those people who felt the need to evangelize others who are living in sin. Well, I don't want to sound a hypocrite because I'm a sinner too. But reminding others that they are going beyond what is ethical and moral, and even legal is a duty of a concerned Christian.

Talking about situational ethics, there are many people who accept morality and practice with ethical standards but sometimes are compromised by some situations. One particular case is about the morals that stealing is a crime no matter how small. Some people do take out a sheet of paper from office supplies for personal use and they look at that as nothing. It is stealing too, just as picking a small flower from the neighborhood, taking out a newspaper from public reading area, and other small things. Again we are reminded, stealing is not good even how small.

Society today are so tolerant about sinning. And other people especially those living in highly urbanized areas don't care what others are doing. Yes, we lived and believed the way we like and let others do the same. But look what happened to the world. Wars, famines, AIDs, and what else can you think? They are always there because people want their own ways. It was the ways of Adam and Eve and his children that is always followed, not the ways of God.

But we are given hope through Jesus Christ. What we need to do is listen and follow him. Yes we should live and believe in the ways of Jesus. Telling others do the same and ridding off their immoral acts is not persecuting them but giving them the chance to share in His glory.


Joops said...

Hey Man, visiting you again.. You're absolutely correct on this one... I like how you influence others and imparting your good wisdom..

I added you in my list, hope u can add me here too.. thanks again!

Romy said...

Joops.. its okay i'll put up your link. Thanks again.

bingskee said...

very interesting site... and a bold Christian..

keep up the good work! I pray to God that this blog will prosper and attain its objective.

Romy said...

Thanks Bingskee! Actually every Christian has this duty to evangelize others by any means.

I hope you visit me often.