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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Your lifestyle is a major killer

It is very alarming to note that with the advancement in the medical science, people still suffer premature death this time not because of infectious diseases but because of how they live their lives.

The World Health Organization reported that among the leading causes of death in recent times are lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Some people consider them as "lifestyle illness." The WHO points out tobacco smoke as the primary cause of lung cancer and obviously tied to smoking habits. Meanwhile the primary cause of cardiovascular diseases are unhealthy diet, lack of regular physical activity or exercise and, again, the use of tobacco.

Lifestyle is what contributes to the development of these diseases. And we knew that lifestyles could be changed. But most people only respond and consider changing their ways when problems already arise. We have been taught that smoking and alcoholism are dangerous, yet many people only quit smoking at the onset of possible lung problems or stop drinking alcohol when the liver start failing.

We don't have to be expects in medicine to understand that our lifestyle is really killing us. Accepting the clear facts in a layman's perspective and changing for the better would help. And as a road sign warning motorists read "Drive Safely: The Life you save maybe your own," could be applied to our lifestyle too.

If you find it hard to change your lifestyle, I can recommend the best one that could help you 100%. Try calling Jesus Christ not later but today His line is always open. He has the best formula to change your life.


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maxi said...

this is true. it's in the way we take care of ourselves.

my boyfriend and I are slowly eating healthier food these days and having exercise everyday. it's too difficult in the beginning but we believe we'll surely gain good results.

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pchi said...

I don't have to say more

I think the current pace of living is to blame too!

for example, in a research sleeplessness was said be one of the main causes of cancer

many jobs now have night shifts so parang people are also prone to diseases beause of the pressures of daily living and work