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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I need doses of prayers

I purposely researched about A(H1N1) yesterday because of rumors that the school where my third child "Bambam" is studying has a student confirmed of having the infection. That rumor seemed to be worse, the student is my child's room-mate. Well, it seemed the scare is knocking on my doorstep.

But, I don't worry much since the Health Department's local officers are quick to respond and quarantined the whole dormitory. What I worried yesterday was that my child was out of physical reach. We talk by cellular phone but no outside contact was allowed. The problem was, she was out of cash to pay for her meals so she ended up without solid breakfast and lunch. After several diplomatic calls, her problem with food access was settled. For ten days they are placed under observation.

This morning the local TV News confirmed the positive infection. Since my child was among those closest to the patient they will be subjected to testing. I therefore plea once more from my friends in the blog world to utter short prayers for the safety of my child.


pehpot said...

she'll be included in my prayers.. keep it strong Mommy

Make or Break

pehpot said...

haha naalala ko nga when I hitt he x button and caught the blog's name, home of good ideas.. and I was like.. syet! tatay nga pala may ari nun.. I was thinking of you pa naman and my other father blogger friends..

anyways, sana po ok na ang anak mo :)
is she in college na ba?

Make or Break

Sathira said...

May GOD be with your daughter always.

May she be free from all illness, may no harm comes to her!

Roms said...

Thanks Pehpot and Sathira for the prayers. My daugther is still under quarantine until the 26th but she's healthy. Thank God!

chubskulit said...

We'll be praying for your kids Kuya Romy, and belated happy father's day!