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Monday, August 3, 2009

CFC FFL Diocese of Naval is 18 years old

Congratulations to Billiran CFC for celebrating its 18th year in serving the vineyards of the Lord on August 1-2, 2009.

Once again families from all around the island of Biliran, Philippines, who are members of the Couples for Christ, gathered in Naval, the capital town to celebrate the establishment of this Christian community in this small but remarkable island province.

Willingly and enthusiastically, with full TRUST in Jesus, couples, their young, the singles, kids, the widowed, and other members of the families, joined Spirits in thanking the Creator for all the blessings of the entire year.

The 1st day of the 2-day celebration was highlighted by an evening of talent presentations and fellowships. A parade of pedal operated tricycle, as a group's support to the environmental protection advocacy, was held in the 2nd day of the activity prior to the Holy Mass. The event was ended with a fellowship of the entire community.

The group is looking ahead for the next year of challenges and missions.

Congratulations once again!


madz said...

A pedal operated tricycle? Parang trike (tama ba spell)? Haven't seen one yet.

Anyway, shall I say Happy Birthday to CFC? :D

Congratulations! (I guess this is more appropriate)

Roms said...

Yes madz.. in other place it's called sikad-sikad, padyak, or potpot.