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Monday, August 10, 2009

Line is Busy

I am stacked once again with a lot of work. I could not even think what to do first. My friends could not reach me easily. I am really really busy.

To my friends out there, please bear with me. I will resume my blogging by end of this month. But please keep dropping by. I wish you all the best of the next days! God bless everyone!

By the way, there's a line that's never been busy- The Line to Heaven, please contact it if you have some problems.


Dorothy L said...

Sweet post and I love the old fashioned phone. Brings back some memories of when I was young:)

Try not to over do yourself!

Romy said...

Thanks Dorothy for reminding me! And thanks for dropping by regularly..

madz said...

Same here, I will be busy. My latest post is about me being a lazy blogger, ha ha.

Take Care Romy :D