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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clikki's 18th b-day coming up

It's family time again and I am as excited as my daughter, Erika Claudia "Clikki," as she will turn 18 this November 8th. We may not have the treasures and material wealth but we have a lot of great friends and family to cherish and besides, life is really worth celebrating for. It's the greatest treasure we have.

18th birthdays for the girls are so memorable that it marks the turning point of their lives. It is the transition point to becoming a woman, independent, and becoming responsible.

The celebration would be simple with peers, her classmates, friends, and the Youth for Family and Life ministry with which she is an active member. Snacks would be served too.

For my part, I would be expected to give 9 revelations about my firstborn, and my wife would deliver another 9 to make the significant figure=18. Well, let's see what can I have. I promise I would them here. For now, wish my child a happy b-day! By the way, she loves blue

Thank you all.

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