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Monday, December 20, 2010

Life is a constant change

Its been said that the only constant in life is change. This is the reason why a straight path may not be the best way to achieve glory even in ordinary life situations.

In carrying out projects and activities the rationalist always develops plan. But along the way, seldom it is carried out 100% according to what was laid out. Engineers always have "as planned" and "as built" drawings of their projects to highlight changes made along the way. What we think is good today may become bad the next time around and vice-versa. Everything changes and no identical activity even those accurately programmed in computers to occur 100% the same. The element of difference is of course - time. To give a concrete illustration, this season is another Christmas for Christians like us. But its not the same as past Christmases. Its Christmas of 2010 and the only Christmas within this year.

Since everything changes, our ways always change daily and what we achieve in life is a result of many left and right turns. The message is simple. Do not be afraid to change if that change is for the better.

In my life I had so many bad turns, but one good right turn I could remember was turning to Jesus. There are many trials ahead, yet I am confident I made a good change. If you are having trouble right now, try calling Him. He will change you for the better.

Merry Christmas.

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